​​​​​​​​​​​​Reiki is an ancient wellness art known for relaxation, reduction of pain and an intuitive opening of the mind, heart and spirit.  The restorative art was re-discovered in Japan during the 1800's by Mikao Usui.  Reiki is a technology which channels vibrations from practitioner to receiver.  The touch is gentle or there is the option of scanning with hands slightly above the body.   Clothing does not have to be removed.  Participants can lay down on a massage table or sit in a chair.


​​​​​​​​​​​Most indigenous cultures all over the world continue to maintain their restorative traditions which pay homage to energy connections.  Reiki is spiritual in nature, as it is focused on compassion and peace, however, it is not a religion. Reiki can open and develop healthy outcomes providing transitional support for a better quality of life.

The tranquility of Reiki is utilized to improve/manage pain and stress ranging from serving as an complementary integrative service in hospitals or recuperating at home, simple relaxation on the level of a mini vacation or power nap.​​​​  Reiki provides an interpersonal relationship with self which, based on your own intention and permission, creates a strong, deep, or close association and acquaintance to the mind, body and spirit ranging in duration from brief to enduring. 

Reiki services are available for:

short one on one and group appointments - chair or table

client healing and relaxation packages

stress management for staff development

pampering parties

bridal showers

and much more!

For a practitioner,  Reiki honors five ethical principals on a day by day basis:

Just for Today, I will not Worry 
Just for Today, I will not Anger
Just for Today, I will be Grateful
Just for Today, I will be Honest
Just for Today, I will be Kind

The art of practicing Reiki is taught on three certification levels by a Reiki Master Teacher (RMT) through an attunement (initiation) process. The traditional approach to learning Reiki consist of three levels:  practice on self, family and friends in Level 1; apprenticeship on Level 2 and community or social projects to help prepare for the Level 3 Mastership.  

Teacher training is available only after a minimum of one year as a practicing Reiki Master Teacher (RMT).   

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Teacher training is available on a limited basis.

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