The best known use of sound in the ancient Chinese Taoist practice and philosophy appears to be the Six Healing Sounds.  These various sounds are used to connect and revitalize six important organs as you release breaths through gentle movements and beautiful, soothing sounds. ​

The Six Qigong Healing Sounds practice begin with sitting on the edge of a chair with a straight back and palms relaxed on the knees and thighs as gentle and slow movements are infused with a Reiki Flow.  A natural inhale and exhale comes forth introducing balance and grounding to start the relaxation and healing process.  

THE SIX HEALING SOUNDS when performing the exercises, embrace the power of Change and Improvement!

Each sound will correspond to a specific organ and a particular movement is designed to connect and detox the liver, heart, spleen, lung, kidney and the triple warmer.  The triple warmer helps the circulatory and central nervous system and is best served by laying down or stretching out in a chair.  Soothing vibrations are felt during every organ sound.  The entire slow and deliberate process takes about 45 minutes to one hour.  The sounds, movements and breathing help the body become more receptive to self care (in this case, gentle exercise creating a self massage).  The vitality and sense of inner peace emerge at the same time.

Extra time is needed to wind down from the beautiful rejuvenating and meditative experience after the practice is completed. However, if you must keep it moving, you will quickly recognize how your tolerance level has become exceptional.  Once you have mastered this magnificent technique, the exercise can be shortened for times when you just need a quick fix.   

8 Week Workshops can be created for certificates of attendance.

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