February, 2012 to March, 2017, a very special meditation session was created and called the

Sisterhood.  It was located at Sister's Uptown Bookstore in Harlem (Amsterdam Avenue

and 156 Street).  We met the first and third Wednesday of the month for 90 minutes or more. The special Sisterhood Meditation combined with , Reiki energy and some Qigong healing sounds. The Circle was created to help women learn how to utilize self care to its highest level. Plans are being made to create more meditation circles in the future!

​"I am grateful to sister Nettie Paisley. Through her ways of being she inspired me to start my Women's Wellness group. I remember being the youngest one there at the Sisterhood Meditation well over a year ago and how welcomed and loved and supported I felt by a group of perfect strangers. It is my goal to create a world overflowing of women who are loved, loving, empowered, empowering, inspired, inspiring and POWERFUL.   Thank you again, Sister Nettie."  ~Sade"

Avallable for setting up a class, circle or program! 

Contact:  southcomforts@aol.com   917.755.6343 

Remember, meditation leads to Mindfulness!   

Mindfulness is the process of bringing attention to experiences

occurring in the present moment!   

​​​​​Meditation takes into account every reflective tradition in the world. The basic style is open as a standalone "quiet" practice or can integrate into forms which include visualization, music. colors or chanting.   Meditation is Insightful and absolutely wonderful for emotional healing.  
​​Proper breathing offers many comfort levels for the mind, body and spirit as you learn how to listen in silence to hear what you need from your inner self.  Through Meditation, you learn how to regulate the various energy levels the mind, body and spirit can experience.  Energy is a

vibration which is enhanced by slow and ez breathing.  Meditation is a wonderful ancient restorative art which promotes the ability to connect, unblock, release and gain patience.

Sitting comfortably in a chair or laying down, attention is given to breathing slowly and

gently on the inhale and exhale.  As the calmness of the breathing takes place, you

receive a sense of security and comfort allowing a person to move into a

peaceful state of mind.

​​​Meditation is the intention of bringing forth your natural and internal wisdom to manifest a

peaceful and nonjudgmental way of life.  A very intimate relationship is created "with self" providing the strength and wisdom to feel safe enough to remain present and function

accordingly whether in silence or interacting in life mode with others.