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Southern Comforts has been in existence since 2002 primarily serving Brooklyn, NY.  Social Entrepreneur Nettie Paisley has always promoted the enrichment and empowerment of Good Health

on a holistic level in order to help clients sustain spiritual, communal, educational, economic and political strengths. The Southern Comforts motto is:  "Good Health is the New Black".  

Regardless of whether you choose Spiritual Growth or Energy Work, each service will help you find and build on your Key(s) to Natural Good Health!   Services are available by appointment in NYC. Feel free to call, email or send us a note for information!

Gifts of Growth:  Creator of The Reiki Flow™.  Certified Reiki Mastership by Martin Lee (RMT) 2002. Reiki Teacher/Trainer certification by Linda Gnat-Mullin (RMT) 2009.  Member of IARP (International Association of Reiki Professionals).  LVCYT certified by Laskshmi Voelker Chair Yoga Teacher™, The Sitting Mountain Series™.  Workforce Development Trainer Certification:  University Center for Academic and Workforce Development.  State University of New York. GPSII/MAPP Leader Certification and Caring For Our Own Leader Certification (Children and

Family Services):  Center for Development of Human Services, Research Foundation of SUNY-

Buffalo State College.  BS-Behavioral Science Management, MS-Business Education--CUNY: Baruch College.