Southern Comforts has been in existence since 2002 primarily serving Brooklyn, NY.  Social Entrepreneur Nettie Paisley has always promoted the enrichment and empowerment of Good

Health  on a holistic level in order to help clients sustain spiritual, communal, educational,

economic and political strengths.

The Southern Comforts motto is:  "

Good Health is the New Black" 

Regardless of whether you choose Spiritual Growth or Energy Work, each service will help you

​find and build on your Key(s) to Natural Good Health!   Services are available by appointment in NYC. 

Gifts of Growth:  Creator of The Reiki Flow™.  Certified Reiki Mastership by Martin Lee (RMT) 2002. Reiki Teacher/Trainer certification by Linda Gnat-Mullin (RMT) 2009.  Member of IARP (International Association of Reiki Professionals).  LVCYT certified by Laskshmi Voelker Chair Yoga Teacher™, The Sitting Mountain Series™.  Workforce Development Trainer Certification:  University Center for Academic and Workforce Development.  State University of New York. GPSII/MAPP Leader Certification and Caring For Our Own Leader Certification (Children and

Family Services):  Center for Development of Human Services, Research Foundation of SUNY-

Buffalo State College.  BS-Behavioral Science Management, MS-Business Education--CUNY: Baruch College.  

Feel free to call or email:   917.755.6343